the_two_thieves (the_two_thieves) wrote in uf_classifieds,

Wedding Season Upon Us!

Do you need some really amazing one of a kind pieces of jewelry for your wedding? Let me make it for you. I'm a Gainesvillian who uses local artist and shops for supplies as well as local antique dealers for those inspiration pieces.

Most of the jewelry I make is a mixture of contemporary materials with some vintage pieces thrown in for a unique kick. I work on commission and sell online through LiveJournal and

I've currently made three pieces of jewelry for weddings: a bride's necklace and bracelet, a bride's earrings, and a necklace for a maid of honor (well, that wasn't exactly for the maid of honor, she just happened to buy it because it matches her dress *lol*).

I have extremely reasonable rates and will work with your budget.

The necklace and bracelet I made for my first bride is a very funky piece. Her second wedding and she wanted something she could wear not just for the wedding but afterwards too. She actually wore the necklace several times before the wedding!

If you'd like to see more of my work please visit my LiveJournal at the_two_thieves (which also has an entry on why it has such a goofy name!) Let me make you some fabulous one of a kind jewelry!
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