Whitney (heartstuesday) wrote in uf_classifieds,

FREE!!! 3 Tier Book Shelf/Stand

3 Tier Stand for FREE!

I am moving in a couple months and just trying to clean out some things I don't need/use in my apartment. I am trying to get rid of this as quickly as possible.

It is made of brown wood and the longest dimensions are about 4ft x 4ft. I had been using it to display my plants on outside. It's a little flimsy but it held some heavy plant pots. It's still in pretty good condition. I had bought it from a yard sale about a year ago.

Let me know if you have any questions. It's just been sitting outside so you could come pick it up anytime before Monday (it's going into the trash then).

I have someone coming to pick it up tonight. If he doesn't end up wanting it you can leave you name and e-mail and I'll give it to the first person who can pick it up.
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