Jackie Calypigia (ldy_shadow) wrote in uf_classifieds,
Jackie Calypigia

Re-usable shopping bags and totes

Got a pile of re-usable bags just kinda taking up space?

How about donating them?

The Need-A-Bag? program is always accepting donations of re-usable bags of all shapes and sizes, as long as they can be washed and used over and over! We also accept donations of tank tops, to be repurposed into "tee-bags" for shoppers.

We hang out at the local farmer's markets and offer the bags we collect to shoppers at the markets, free of charge, in an attempt to curb the need for plastic bags. Then, we take home the bags that have been returned to us/donated, wash them, and start all over again the next week.

We're not non-profit because we're lazy, but we do appreciate bag and monetary donations.

Interested in helping in other ways? We're looking for franchisers to take charge of the following markets: Tioga, Union Street, Haile, Butler Plaza, Newberry, Alachua and Greenery square.

We're also interested in finding someone who is a little less lazy than us to look into grant opportunities. I am an experienced grant writer; we just need someone to do the leg work. :)
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