Ventrec (ventrec) wrote in uf_classifieds,

Wildlife Benefit- Release the Bats!

Oct. 9th, The Heart of Darkness, a non-profit social club, will be hosting a benefit to
help The Florida Bat Conservancy at The Attic, 233 W. University Avenue (above The Venue) in Gainesville.

Release the Bats will be a night of fun and dancing, all for a good
cause. The night will have local DJs in a nightclub atmosphere, with The Florida Bat
Conservancy hosting, helping raise awareness of the plight of the many bats in Florida.
There will also be a silent auction, with everything from signed books and comics to
mini-bat houses and handcrafted jewlery. Doors open at 10pm, with a $5 donation. All proceeds will go to The Florida Bat Conservancy. So, come dance the night away for a good cause and Release the Bats. For more information, go to or
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